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New home surveying, unit developments and more.

At DJY Surveys, we provide set out surveys and construction set outs for all kinds of projects, from new home builds and unit developments to large scale multi-level apartments.

This is the first step that must be undertaken before any construction begins.

We offer set out surveys across Melbourne, Geelong and beyond.



What is a Set Out Survey / Construction Survey?

A set out survey or construction survey is where a surveyor transfers the designed position of a building on to the land itself – using physical reference points and markers. These markers guide the builders during construction to ensure accuracy of the final build. 

This includes making sure that the construction is kept within its legal title boundaries on the block of land and that everything is built to its correct dimensions and in its correct position.

Along with guiding the builders, all future trades on site will be able to also use the survey reference points. Plumbers will be able to position all the plumbing pipes, concreters will be able to position their concrete formwork and carpenters will be able to build their timber frames.

For simple new builds and extensions, a single site visit by us is usually all that’s necessary. Sometimes an additional visit is required due to reference marks being disturbed or destroyed over the course of the build. The likelihood of reference marks needing to be replaced typically increases the more complex the build is due to the increase amount of time the build will go on for. The characteristics of the site will also contribute to this – for example sites with steep gradients will require more site visits than one that is generally flat.

For large-scale projects, such as high-rise buildings and multi-level apartment complexes, multiple set out surveys will be needed.

These builds typically include basements and suspended slabs levels. Each level will require at least a visit pre-slab and after the slab is poured.

These set out surveys are all performed by a qualified land surveyor, such as us, at DJY Surveys.

What we set out:


Accurate Set out Surveys – Even for Complex Sites & Builds

At DJY Surveys, we specialise in producing the most accurate set out surveys possible. We utilise the latest technology and tools – such as fully robotic total stations, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/GPS), Modern Laser Scanners and UAV drones – to correctly set out on any land, for any purpose.

Making sure it’s done right the first time – and saving you valuable time, hassle and expense.