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Survey large areas by air, fast.

Drone surveys allow surveyors to capture data on large open areas incredibly fast. 

They also allow surveying to take place from the air – where areas are not easily accessible by foot.

DJY Surveys has the latest drones and specialised equipment to get you the accurate data you need from the air.



How are drones used to produce surveys?

Drones have the ability to capture data via downward-facing sensors. These sensors might include RGB or multispectral cameras and LIDAR payloads. You can essentially combine laser scanning surveying with the convenience of a drone.

Much like laser scanning once the data is captured, CAD software is used to visualise and manipulate the 3D point cloud data into a format suitable for the clients’ needs.

Drone mapping is also particularly useful to map large-scale sites or estates or sites that are difficult to access. To do this, millions of measurements are taken by the drone which generates a 3D model of the site, which in turn is used to produce the required models and plans.

How accurate are drone surveys?

Very! Drone technology and the accompanying surveying software offer incredibly detailed and highly accurate insights and measurements on a site.

You can achieve millions of data points with a single drone flight – which can then be interpreted and represented in many different formats, to satisfy all your surveying requirements at once.

That said – only professionally trained and experienced operators will achieve accurate survey results. Always ensure you choose a surveyor with up-to-date equipment and well-established skills.

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What are the other benefits of drone surveys?

Beside accuracy and speed, and being able to access areas that are tricky by foot, drone surveys also offer:

  • Far less risk of damage to sensitive environments and resources by other equipment and vehicles.
  • Far less risk of injury to people, as surveyors aren’t required to enter dangerous terrain.
  • The ability to capture data from different angles that may not be possible from the ground.
  • Drones can often get a lot closer to subjects to produce more accurate measurements.

Capture it quickly, with a drone survey

Our drones and equipment are incredibly sophisticated, giving you the technology you need, for a fast, accurate survey.

Even, with the largest and most difficult of sites.