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A seamless process for an accurate result.

DJY Surveys is highly experienced in conducting and producing accurate and comprehensive engineering surveys.

Our seamless process and up to date technology will ensure nothing gets missed in the design stages of your project.



What is an Engineering Survey?

An engineering survey or construction survey is a broad term that encompasses any survey that relates to a construction project. This could involve measuring existing walls so that new structural members can be designed to fit.

Other infrastructures that may need to be surveyed includes:

  • Asset recording for drainage and sewer networks
  • Survey monitoring to detect movement in structures
  • Roads and bridges as-builts
  • Construction Surveys & site set outs
  • Volume and earthwork calculations.

Why is an Engineering Survey needed?

Correctly documented Engineering Survey information can guide the requirements for your future development and property usage.

There’s no point to designing a building or extension that doesn’t fit within the boundaries and layout of the intended site. Every single detail needs to be documented, then correctly assessed and addressed to satisfy planning requirements and meet your or your client’s needs.

That way you know you’ll not only be ticking all the required boxes but can ensure you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities available on each specific development site.


Accurate Engineering & Construction Surveys – Even for Complex Sites & Builds

At DJY Surveys, we specialise in producing the most accurate engineering surveys possible. We utilise the latest technology and tools – such as fully robotic total stations, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/GPS), Modern Laser Scanners and UAV drones – to correctly survey any land, for any purpose.

Making sure it’s done right the first time – and saving you valuable time, hassle and expense.