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Accurate Contour Surveys

Get accurate information with a contour survey, before you make crucial decisions.

A Contour Survey is carried out to measure the existing conditions of a site. The location of everything on site is measured that the building designer or architect may find relevant to the final design of the proposed building.

All of this presented on a 2D plan of survey which we will provide to you in PDF and CAD format.

Contour surveys also often referred to as feature surveys, detail surveys or topographic surveys.




What is a Contour Survey?

A contour survey details all the information and important features on, and/or neighbouring, a proposed development site.

These aspects might include:

  • Site levels and contours
  • Existing buildings or structures
  • Fencing around the site
  • Property title boundaries
  • Adjoining buildings & windows
  • Utility services
  • Drains and pits
  • Trees.

Having this information is not only required for permits but will ensure the development is designed and built using all the available information to design and develop your proposed site both accurately and to your best advantage – avoiding any potential issues later.

Designers and councils all require this information during the initial planning and design of a proposed development.

Make sure you get proper contour survey done at the initial stages of your build!

How we perform Contour surveys:

Contour surveys are typically done using survey instruments called Total stations. Total stations are electronic and optical instruments which allow a surveyor to measure angles and distances to a particular point. Using the onboard computer this is used to calculate coordinates which is then recorded using a data collector.

DJY Surveys uses these instruments on site to measure the location of all the features, including the buildings, fences and trees, as well as the levels and fall of the site.

We then produce a 2D survey plan that shows all this information in the form of a PDF and CAD file.


What we offer contour surveys for:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • New estates / Greenfield land
  • Rural properties

Most of the areas we service are usually around the Greater Melbourne and Geelong region. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from travelling anywhere in Victoria. Traralgon, Castlemaine to Mount Bulla – just to name a few!

Accurate Contour Surveys – Even for Complex Sites & Builds

At DJY Surveys, we specialise in producing the most accurate contour surveys possible. We utilise the latest technology and tools – such as fully robotic total stations, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/GPS), Modern Laser Scanners and UAV drones – to correctly survey any land, for any purpose.

Making sure it’s done right the first time – and saving you valuable time, hassle and expense.