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Laser Scanning

Laser scanning for surveys that are accurate and fast.

Laser Scanning, otherwise known as a LIDAR survey, is an efficient surveying method which sends outs large quantities of laser beams in all directions to measure and capture the environment in 3D. This provides the ability to survey structures with complex details or survey areas which are inaccessible.

The data captured is usually in the form of a 3D point cloud as well as panoramic photos which can be combined on top of the point cloud. This creates a fully 3D accurate representation which allows users to easily view and measure accurate reality data.

Laser Scanning DJYSurveys



What is laser scanning?

Laser scanners measure the surface of a structure using an invisible laser. The return signal of the laser can allow Laser scanners to detect the distance and position of the surface. This process is also known as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

Millions of data points with accurate x, y, z coordinates can be collected in a very short amount of time generating a highly accurate 3D surface model. This type of data can be invaluable for a whole host of industries and professionals:

  • Architectural & design: Assists with documenting of facades and interiors of existing buildings and the production of 3D concept models.
  • Heritage Projects: The non-intrusive capture method allows old heritage buildings and structures to be measured accurately for design and preservation purposes.
  • Construction: 3D captures can be done throughout the lifecycle of the building process to ensure that structures are built according to the designed plans.

Laser scanning you can trust

DJY Surveys uses the latest Leica laser scanning and surveying equipment needed for any scale of project. We combine the use of Laser Scanners with our other surveying instruments to ensure the data we provide is the most accurate it can be and without errors.

The captured 3D data point cloud can be given directly to you (if you’re capable of processing this data) or DJY Surveys can use this data to produce the required information and survey plans you need.

Our experience and expertise will get you the data you need when you need it.